Vic Goddard

Principal of Passmores Academy (as seen on ‘Educating Essex’)

Vic Goddard is probably the most famous head teacher in the UK today, but it’s only when you see him in his beloved Passmores Academy that you really witness how good he is. Vic came to the public’s attention in TV’s Educating Essex but his straight-talking, informal, light-hearted approach meant that some sections of the media (yes, you Daily Mail!) misunderstood what Vic was really all about – refusing to ever let a student fail. See Vic in action and you’ll understand how passionate he is about young people, about education and about the privileged position he holds. ‘The Best Job in the World’ as he has famously written for our Independent Thinking Press. Vic commands respect not because of what he is but because of how he treats everyone around him – with compassion, with relentlessly high expectations and with an infectious belief that we all have something to offer the world.

Session Details

Opening Keynote - "Seeing the Wood for the Trees”

Stream 1 - Keynote Theatre: 9.45am - 10.30am

As the Principal of Passmores Academy and accidental star of Channel 4’s ‘Educating Essex’, Vic Goddard has probably become the most famous head teacher in the UK today. His straight-talking, unconventional approach has often been misunderstood by the tabloid media but his overwhelming positivity and refusal to give up on any student are nothing short of inspirational. 

In this energetic opening keynote session, Vic will talk in his characteristically upbeat style about the realities of leading schools in a time when our communities feel increasingly divided and successive governments have focused on organisational and curriculum change. You will leave knowing how Vic and the schools in his multi-academy trust, have approached many of the top down changes imposed upon them and hopefully have the odd laugh or two on the way.

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As seen on ‘Educating Essex’

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